abhinc ago
acriter sharply, pungently, bitterly, keenly
adhuc so far
admodum very much
alias/aliter otherwise
aliqua somewhere
aliquando sometimes
amplius moreover
antea / ante before, previously
autem however, but
bene well
bis twice
breve tempore soon
breviter briefly
celeriter quickly
certe surely
ceterum furthermore
circa around
clam secretly
clare aloud, brightly, clearly
comminus close by
continuo immediately, continuously
contra on the other side
cotidie daily
cras tomorrow, hereafter
cur why? because
deinde next
demisse humbly
diligenter diligently
diu for a long time
diutius (for) a long time
enim namely, indeed
eo toward that place
eodem to the same place
ergo therefore, well, now
etiam already
facile easily
fere almost
foris outside
fortasse perhaps
fortassis perhaps, it may be
fortiter bravely
frustra in vain, for nothing, to no purpose
furtim stealthily, secretly
gratis freely
graviter violently; deeply; severely; reluctantly
haud not at all, by no means, not
heri yesterday
hic here, in this place
hodie today, nowadays
iam now, already, besides
iamdudum long ago/before/since; immediately
ibi there
idem the same
identidem repeatedly; again and again
igitur (conj) therefore, consequently; accordingly
illic in that place, there
immo on the contrary
impie wickedly
inde thence, thereupon
interdum sometimes, now and then
interea meanwhile
interim meanwhile, however, nevertheless
intus within, inside, at home
ita thus
ita as such
itaque and so, accordingly, thus, consequently
item similarly
iterum again, for the second time
iucunde pleasantly, pleasingly, agreeably
lente slowly
libenter willingly, gladly
libere freely, shamelessly
longe a long way; by far; for a long while
magis greatly
magnopere greatly, particularly
male badly
modo only, merely, presently
mox soon, next
multo much, by much
nam (conj.) for; on the other hand
nimis too
nimium too, very, beyond measure
non not
nondum not yet
numquam never
nunc now
nuper recently, not long ago
occulte secretly
olim once, formerly
paene almost
palam openly
parum insufficiently
passim all over
patim partially
paulisper for a short time
plane plainly
plurimum most
postea afterwards
postridie on the following day
praecipue especially, chiefly
primo at first, at the beginning
primum at first
prius previously
procul away; far off
prope near
quacumque wherever, however
quaesi as if
quando when, at any time
quare in what way? therefore, hence
quidam a certain one
quidem certainly
quo where, therefore
quoad as long as
quomodo how, just as
quondam formerly, once
quoque also
recte correctly
retro backward
saepe often
sapienter wisely
satis enough, fairly, pretty
scilicet one may know, certainly, of course
semel once
semper always
sero late, tardily
sic thus
simul at same time, at once
sincere pure, free from fever, clear
statim at once
subito suddenly
supra on top; more; above; before, formerly
tam so, nevertheless, all the same
tamen yet, nevertheless, still
tantum only, indeed, truly
tantum modo only
ter three times
tum then, at that time (cum … tum: not only … but also)
tunc then, next
ubi whenever, where
ubique everywhere
ultro on the other side
unde from where, from whom
undique everywhere
usque all the way, always, continuously
ut (conj.) that, how, to (+subj.)
utinam if only, would that
valde greatly, loudly
vere truly
vero yes, certainly, however
verum truly, yes, however
videlicet clearly
vix hardly, scarcely, barely, only just